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Sunday, October 16, 2011

More fun with gradients...

Let's take the gradient fill to the next level and work with colour and alpha to create a simple underwater background.

Use the 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' key to adjust the order of objects [e.g. place the sea anemones in the mid ground behind the light rays.] 

I would like to add more life to the underwater scene and create some fish. The basic principle when adding 'real' elements to a vector scene is to look at the shapes and 'deconstruct' them into basic elements like the circle, square, rectangle or ellipse.

I usually do a quick google image search for a reference image to get a better idea what I am going to create. In this case the 'yellow reef fish' search came up with a nice yellow longnose butterfly fish.
It works great as the main body is kind of squarish and the front has a triangular shape.

The same approach works the same with far more complex elements. It's a matter of seeing the 'building blocks'. 

Get the source art (svg file) of this tutorial for
USD 3.00



  1. Thanks for the tutorial.
    It's easy to understand and very useful for a cant-draw-even-if-my-life-is-depended-on-it game programer like me. :)

    Hopes there's a lot more coming. If you can do some fantasy theme background how-to, I'd be eternally grateful.

  2. Thanks for the feedback... and I am sure I could give the fantasy topic a try...

  3. You are really good with Inkscape.
    It is soo simple, but most don't even realize this. You make it easy.

  4. It would be nice if you could tell us what colors you use :) Thanks

    1. I am doing on better... I am giving the source files away... not totally free but for less than a cup of coffee... ;)

    2. I'm glad you are charging a fee...your art is amazing! Now for that scuba diver :)
      Seriously, your art is very, very good and I hope a lot of people buy your packs.

  5. Love the way we can buy these now!, I bought a few chris!, I'd love some more animation tutorials like the stuff you do for DBA!,

    1. thanks, Jack... I am working on another animation tutorial... but am a little backlogged and got some work to do as well as have fun with tutorials... :)

  6. I had one problem with the gradient of the first rectangle (water) changing colour together with the gradient of the duplicated rectangle (ground). I found the solution here: http://inkscape-forum.andreas-s.net/topic/115631. When you duplicate the rectangle, you have to (with the second rectangle selected), select the "linear gradient" symbol in the Fill and Stroke window and then click the "duplicate" button. Then, when you Edit the gradient, only the duplicate object is changed.

  7. Here is my attempt at this tutorial, it's not exactly right, but it's a start for me. These tuts are cool, i'm learning to be creative.


  8. Here is a screen shot of a game i'm working on.


  9. I am working my way through the tutorials and just finished this one today. I am pretty impressed with what came out. Check it out here if you want to see it: http://t.co/Fsw5jwBdfU

    There was one thing that I had trouble with and maybe you can help me out a bit. When I created the anemone I had a ton of separate shapes. What is the easiest way to alter the colors when you have so many separate pieces?

  10. Thanks for the lessons. I made my own clown fish, and it looks almost professional, after adding gradient, lights and shadows.

  11. I´ve never used Inkscape before and when I try to follow this everything just turns out wrong Stuff gets the wrong color, gradient is way off and so on. What is the sizeo f the document before you start? How big is the first rectangle? What about colorpicking, opacity and so on? To me it seems that there are many steps skipped or o I need to startsomewhere else before I try to follow this?