Creating a basic face

Taking the last post a little further this tutorial will feature a basic face by using mainly circles (again), some more advanced straight line tool and the node modifier. 

With the inital setup done it's time to play with the shapes and try out some variations.

I hope you enjoyed this addition and it gave you some ideas how to have fun with vectors.

Get the source art (svg file) (does not include the facial variations) of this tutorial for
USD 5.00


Chris Hildenbrand

2D game artist, pixelpusher, vector bender, face turner for over thirty years. I worked on more games than I can remember... The most recent release is "Super Crossbar Challenge" for iOS (Android coming soon) with Shattered Box, Fredbear Games and PlayPlayFun.


  1. Thanks! All your tutorial are so helpful.

  2. Would you ever consider offering to draw for someone? Say if I wanted a few animated characters made for a construct 2 game and also an animation strip (of the same character in a moving phase such as them running or jumping etc) how much would it cost? Also what about a background?

    Love the work! Going to give some of the tutorials a try!