More fun with circles

I just played around with more circles and a different approach to the eyes from the first tutorial... as well as using the bezier curves and straight line tool for some simple shapes.

Variation is the key. You can use the elements to form all sorts of critters.

As always - I hope you enjoy this tutorial and I hope you have more fun with vectors...

Get the source art (svg file) of this tutorial for
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Chris Hildenbrand

2D game artist, pixelpusher, vector bender, face turner for over thirty years. I worked on more games than I can remember... The most recent release is "Super Crossbar Challenge" for iOS (Android coming soon) with Shattered Box, Fredbear Games and PlayPlayFun.


  1. I find your tutorials fun and very clear to understand. I have read hundreds of Inkscape tutorials and yours are there in the clouds with microugly and heathenx

  2. I struggle to manipulate nodes as well as you do. Can you recommend a set of exercises to do that will help to nail down the basics of node manupulation?

    Thank you!

  3. These tutorials are great! I would really love a birds eye view drawing tutorial. I am having a lot of trouble with that. (trying to create it for a 2d dungeon crawler)

    Keep up the great work!

  4. este blog es muy bueno me encantan los tutoriales

  5. Good job, mate. Keep it on!!!!!

  6. What about the shadow on bottom of the bird's head? How can I do that?

    1. There is a duplicated group on the green bird... I grouped the green birds head, coloured the whole group black with low opacity and moved it behind the initial head group and a bit down to create the shadow effect.