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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I hope you are all having a great Easter. 

I surely did (even while working through most of a perfectly sunny day). As usual working made me think of great topics for the next tutorials... 

Once I am over the current mountain of work I have another 4 tutorials to write - just to put some fun into the mix. I wonder why work can't  be a nice steady flow than dry spells and monsters waves - well... I guess it's just a freelancer's life ;)

Enjoy your day! I am going to call it a night... :) 


  1. Happy Easter
    Thank you for your great tutorials :)

  2. I just found your site today, it looks really great and I plan on reading through and trying a lot of this. As a person who is mainly a programmer this is a great resource!

    1. Hi Philip... Thanks... I am glad you like the tutorials... I would suggest going back to the earliest ones and start from there - as a few things covered earlier are not mentioned in detail in the later tutorials.

  3. I visit to your blog daily since almost two weeks ago. I've completed most of the tutorials here, except the landscape tutorial I think. WIll get to that soon! Awesome blog is awesome! Can't wait for your next update. :)

  4. Chris is an icon for me now, after reading all his tuts, i learned to draw on inkscape, what i still dont know is how to use my wacom with it , ended up drawing with my mouse and WAY better than with the tablet, ( got a really bad pulse, parkinson type, whatever the way it is spelled) so great tuts man , please keep up the awesome work, and btw it is definetely worth it to buy his pieces of work, you can learn a lot by disecting his drawings in inkscape , you really saved my life THNKS

  5. btw i would like to contact you about a drawing , leave me a message at my email, im following your blog

  6. Hey, I've just finished reading through all your tutorials after being linked here. I'm a programmer but I'm terrible at making art. Thanks to these, I'm starting to fix that and I'm planning on making my first game sometime soon.
    I decided to start work on the art for the first game, starting with the main character. The issue I'm having is that this main character is meant to be a friendly but awe-inspiring Cthulu-like creature, and this isn't quite as easily made as a normal person might be using your "Creating a Game Character" tutorial. For reference, the two versions of the cthulu's head that I've done so far http://imgur.com/0iNbt
    I'm going to continue trying, but I'd like to request a tutorial for drawing less cartoony and more impression-leaving silhouettes of beasts rather than people. If you could help me here I'd be very thankful :D
    keep up the awesome work, and thankyou so much for starting this helpful project

  7. Love your tutorials man! This blog is a great resource for us pen and paper-challenged programmers :D

  8. Hey, thanks for the tutorials. Can you make a very quick tutorial on making lasers?