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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Top down view props - army base

Here are some requested addition to the top down view tutorialAn army jeep in 2 angles, barrels, sandbags and a watch tower. 
The objects are also separated into PNG files. 

You can use the art bits for free in your personal and commercial projects as long as you don't sell the art on it's own or in a bundle with other art.


open the SVG
download the PNG


  1. Hey, can you make a tutorial on a 2D city or buildings background for a platformer?

  2. Hi Chris! Hey it seems your opengameart links are broken. I'm getting a page-not-found error.

  3. This is some fantastic art!
    I can't seem to find the opengameart links that Jairo Cepeda talked about above.
    What is the copyright rules for this? :)

    1. Nevermind i found the copyright rules - Is there a special way that you would like to get copyright attribute?