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Monday, September 15, 2014

Top down - extras 2 - tank

Here are some requested addition to the top down view tutorial.

A nice big tank with a separated turret. Just make sure you adjust the shadows - as they are created for this view only. 

The objects are also separated into two PNG files. 


download the ZIP

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rocks - quick and easy

Another quick tutorial while I am still reworking the space tutorial. This one is another request - how to create rocks, that don't look like clouds. 

The common mistake when creating shading is using 'pillow shading', where the shading is same in all directions, same amount of darkness and distance to the edge. It will look smooth but unbelievable for anything harder and more edgy than clouds or pillows. 

In this tutorial I use three different styles of shading:
- shading through interpolation, 
- shading with lighter and darker shapes [cartoon shading] and
- shading using transparent gradients

I forgot to use the easiest of all for the rounded rock, which would be a radial gradient. Gradient shading [linear or radial] can be very effective but tends to look off as soon as the shapes become more complex.

Let's get started with a simple rounded rock, pebble, boulder, whatever you want to call ti. 

For the veins I used the freehand draw tool, with a white stroke that I ended up putting into a clip to match the shape of the pebble.

Another shape commonly used for rocks is a lot more edgy and clear cut. I worked mainly with the straight line tool for this one. You can also start with the square, make it a path and add nodes to it, if you find that approach easier. 

I hope I made enough sense for you to create rocks on your own now and enjoy doing it.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Treasure - not found but made

Here's a quick tutorial I found unfinished on my hard drive and decided to finally finish and publish - creating a treasure chest.

It's a task most of us, who create game art, face at some stage - the iconic treasure: a chest filled with gold coins. 

Exported to PNG the chest still looks alright in 64x64 pixels or even smaller at 32x32 pixels:


You might want it to look a little less 'square' and what good is a treasure chest when we can't open it.
Let's tackle those issues now. The first one involves the envelope extension and the opening requires some tweaking of nodes. 

The result looks alright at 64x64 pixels but it starting to be cluttered and losing detail in the smaller 32x32 pixel size. I would have to take some elements off to make it cleaner.


I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did writing it. I actually used similar chests most recently in a puzzle game for a friend. 
Keep playing with the concept, create chests with iron frames, spikes, skulls, holding diamonds and rubies or being plain empty or broken. Enjoy!

Here's the download file: