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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WTF is GameSalad thinking...

Here I was working on templates to start the year with some new posts after a not so good end to 2014, a nice holiday season offline and trip to the snow, that was totally unlike me, when a friend pointed me to the Amazon store. 

Some of the games I have been working on over the years with friends in the UK and US were listed on Amazon for the the kindle fire. All free and all without the developers' knowledge.
It turned out that the game engine creator at GameSalad decided to put all games (nearly 800 apps) from their online html5 games showcase and competitions onto Amazon.

Neither of the developers I worked with knew about the deal or the fact that the game was on the store for free, while their own version of the game might as well be up with a price tag attached. 

I have had art stolen, games ripped and redistributed, publishers leaking beta versions before release and endless deals going south but this one even surprised me. How can a game engine creator abuse trust in such a blunt way? Aren't they relying on the community to make games and promote their tool by delivering standout applications? Isn't a game engine only as good as it's popular games to promote it? 

It's been put off as a 'minor mistake' on the side of GameSalad. Well... they have lost my trust for sure now and I had the pleasure of working on some of the featured games with some of the best GameSalad coders. Shame on you, GameSalad!

Anyway... I wish all of you following my ramblings a happy new year and all the best for 2015!