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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Create tileable patterns for seamless backgrounds in Inkscape

I got sidetracked again by a readers request. It's a nice and easy to follow trick to create seamless patterns in Inkscape. I had to split the video up and will cover the basic idea in this tutorial and the more game art related creation in the next one(s). 


The tutorial works with plain coloured backgrounds and shapes that are smaller than the tiling square. Bigger objects will cause problems when tiling.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tip. The next video will use the basics covered here and I will make ground and grass tiles for use in top down game background.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Seamless 2d ground tiles created using inkscape and gimp

It's been a request I received a few times by now and this morning I set down to try a quick and easy way to create seamless ground tiles for top down tile sets.


This is what I came up with in a quick test. The tiles are create in Inkscape and then exported as pngs, trimmed in gimp and put together to test. 

I am planning on making a video tutorial on this as soon as possible. The idea is to show the basic creation of e.g. a grass tile, a ground and a water tile and the creation of a mixed tile for the border between e.g. grass and ground. 

Please let me know if there are additional points I should cover in this tutorial. 

Keep in mind that it might result in splitting this tutorial into two or three parts in order to stay within the 10 - 15 minute mark. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Reusable 2d art objects for background buildings using Inkscape

Another quick tutorial on the advantages of using vector art for your game assets. I played around with some simple shapes that would allow me to build a multitude of houses for the background of a game. Rather than create each house from scratch, I created a small library of elements that I could quickly drag onto the scene and build the houses by placing, scaling, rotating and colouring those assets. 

It resulted in a lot faster and easier creation - and this video tutorial. 

The video turned out to be a little bit longer than I would have liked - but I hope you like it nevertheless and won't get bored halfway through. I recorded this after a short night and no morning coffee yet - hence a few problems with the controls, my graphic tablet, the recording software and finding my way through inkscape.  

The main tools I used while building those houses were the 'select and transform', the align tools, groups and for the creation of the elements I used a lot clips.  

Should you feel like creating more assets for this pack, some of the earlier tutorials might be helpful:

The clip tool:

Building wooden beams:

Creating a brick building:

If you you like the assets, let me know and I will build some more. I already have a modern set and a medieval castle on my todo list. 

Here's the download link for the current set:

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Animation of an insect's wing motion

This is a quick video I put together after doing an animation of a butterfly and a ladybug for the kid's educational application. The reference image of the flying insect had an odd way to animated the wings. 
Rather than flap the wings they were just rotated. A way to animate wings that seems rather common. The deform instead of the rotation is not much hard but the results are a lot nicer in my opinion. 

Here are the animations as gif images to get a better look at them:

I hope you enjoyed this quick video that is off topic but I will finish the complete game art series next and make the assets available