Create seamless dirt tiles and transitional pieces in Inkscape

Here's the next part of the seamless tile videos. It's the creation a dirt tile using simple shapes and the transition between grass and dirt.

I hope you had as much fun watching this one as I had recording it.

I have already finished the third and last part 
[for now] on seamless tiles . That one will be about the export to png, scaling and using in a tile map editor to check the pieces match. It should go up by the weekend after some minor editing.

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I worked a bit more on the seamless tiles and compiled more variations and additional tips in the special tutorial No3. 

This tutorial is a 16 pages long PDF step-by-step creation of the more trees. It focuses on variations to make your scenes more interesting. 

The PDF can be opened in Inscape (or other vector tools) and the shapes are fully editable. 

You can use the art in your personal and commercial projects as long as you don't sell the art as is or in a bundle. 

get the PDF for 3.00 US$
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  1. Excellent video, as always! Been curious how the transition tiles would be made. :)