Back to the basics - Building art assets with squares

Here's the second tutorial 'Continue the fun with squares' as a video tutorial. This time it's all about squares as a building block for the game assets. Using the square as a shape and as a path (converted to manipulate the nodes) is an easy way to create art assets in Inkscape (or any other vector tool for that matter).

I am using inkscape v.0.91 - a free and versatile vector drawing program ( get it here ) on a windows pc. There might be small differences when using the program on a mac or with linux ( mainly as far as shortcut keys goes ) but those changes should be minute. 

The process used in the tutorial can easily be achieved in other vector tools like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw as well. The commands might be named differently and sometimes the workflow varies a little but it should be fairly easy to follow the tutorial even if you use a different program.

This video is an introduction to using inkscape's basic square tool to get started with game art creation. The video shows how to create more complex shapes using squares as the starting element and rotate, skew and deform them.


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial as I will continue to record some of the older but still popular tutorials as video tutorials. 

Chris Hildenbrand

2D game artist, pixelpusher, vector bender, face turner for over thirty years. I worked on more games than I can remember... The most recent release is "Super Crossbar Challenge" for iOS (Android coming soon) with Shattered Box, Fredbear Games and PlayPlayFun.


  1. Thanks Chris, video tuts help so much to get the basics down,cant wait to see some more of your older tuts using this format,keep up the good work!!.

  2. It's very helpful. THANKS! :D

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