Creating an engaging game title screen in Inkscape

This tutorial derived from a posting on Facebook. A developer showed his title screen and asked for feedback. Sadly a lot of people mocked him and his style which was a mix of pixel art at different scales and smooth bitmap elements.
I ended up making a few screens on a more organized approach for his title - which works for a lot of other themes, and screen compositions as well.

I started out by setting up a new document using pixels instead of millimetres or inches. In the page settings (File/ Document Properties) set the general unit to px and the custom size to px and the desired width and height.

For the following tutorial, I set the size to my desired output of 2560x1440px. I like to use this size of hires mobile device resolution to allow scaling down to most other common screen resolutions. / creating a title screen in inkscape

You find the cloud tutorial here. / creating a title screen in inkscape / creating a title screen in inkscape

I used slightly modified Block Buddies characters (sorcerer, zombie and pirate) and the skeleton from an earlier game asset giveaway for the characters. 

Chris Hildenbrand

2D game artist, pixelpusher, vector bender, face turner for over thirty years. I worked on more games than I can remember... The most recent release is "Super Crossbar Challenge" for iOS (Android coming soon) with Shattered Box, Fredbear Games and PlayPlayFun.


  1. Top.... Good grfx are always crucial for success!
    Looks cool :)

  2. Good tutorial as always. I would like to see how you made the title. Sometimes using gradients and deformations, etc. do not work out for me as expected. I figure I am doing something wrong, so it would be nice to see how you do it in detail.

    1. I just posted the tutorial on the title. I hope it explains the use of the envelope deformation.

    2. Yes! Thanks, this a big help, especially since I am currently working on some game title ideas for my game now.