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There are days when I just want to stay in bed... It's still dark, cold, rainy and windy outside, the to-do list is getting longer and longer and I feel like a truck just ran over me (and backed up to do the job properly). Just making it to the kitchen is a struggle. When I finally make it, sit down in front of the computer, nursing a cup of coffee and looking through the email inbox - I just want to go straight back to bed...

Just when I regret getting up in the first place, there is the semi-junk section of the inbox - mostly stuff that should go to the bin right away, but occasionally holds some information worth a click... and there is the little highlight that makes my morning - a mention of the blog on

38 Essential Resources For Game Developers

Starting the section on game art is this blog. It feels nearly as good as sugar rush caused by some home made cookies... which I might add now just to really kickstart the day. ;) 

Chris Hildenbrand

2D game artist, pixelpusher, vector bender, face turner for over thirty years. I worked on more games than I can remember... The most recent release is "Super Crossbar Challenge" for iOS (Android coming soon) with Shattered Box, Fredbear Games and PlayPlayFun.


  1. Congratulations! I agree, 2D Game Art for Programmers is truly essential for programmers.

    1. Thanks, Zoltan... Always feels strange seeing my work reaching and helping all these readers when to me it's just little tips and tricks

  2. I am not Sure why you are surprised?!
    This feels totally Natural to me :)
    All The best for Yor health!!

  3. You deserve it. Your blog is absolutely great, best content about game art for programmers. We just miss more updates, but we understand it is difficult to get more articles.

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